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SF Firefighter Veteran's Association attends Stephen Siller Run

In September, members of the SF Firefighter Veteran's Association attended the Stephen Siller Tunnel to Towers Run. The Tunnel to Towers run recreates the path of Stephen Siller, a New York City Firefighter who ran from the Brooklyn Battery Tunnel to the World Trade Centers to assist his brother firefighters.

The story of Stephen Siller is very inspirational. On the morning of September 11, 2001, Stephen Siller, a member of FDNY, had just finished his shift with Brooklyn Squad 1. He went off to go play golf with his brothers, but having learned of the attacks on the World Trade Center, returned to work to get his gear and go to the World Trade Center, even though he was off duty.

However, he was unable to get to the World Trade Center in his truck, as the Brooklyn Battery Tunnel had just been closed. Stephen Siller, determined to get to the World Trade Center by any means possible, ditched his truck and ran with his gear, all 60 pounds of it, strapped to his back, directly to the World Trade Center.

This decision ultimately led to his death. However, his memory lives on as a testament to the legacy of the firefighters and police officers who valiantly gave their lives to protect ordinary Americans that they never even knew. It is also a testament to the extreme dedication firefighters have to their community, going above and beyond the call of duty to their city and their country.

Lieutenant Matt Hutchinson and retired firefighter Frank Cuffe attended the event. Their experience is documented in the photos.

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